Secretorys Message

                 Our Swoddhrak Vidyarthi Sanstha achives a wide prevalence through its valuable devotion in training from 1927 country and dry season inclined zone. Despite everything it guarantees for worth based and quality based training in cutting edge structure. It generally incline toward s to apply new vision, methodologies and techniques to keep up the need of present time and make the arrangement of instruction more successful. Hence Namdar Shri. Jaykumarbhau J. Rawal, Cabinet Minister, Maharashtra State, with his Broad View the institute “Shri Jaykumar Rawal institute of Technology(Engineering & Polytechnic), Dondaicha, Dist- Dhule” to give the technical education to the students in Rural area who do not have capacity to take education in big cities due to their poorness and after becoming engineers they will give the technical services to the Rural area so that this area will also be Enriched with Technical Facilities.
                As a part of the motto of Hon'ble Shri. Jaykumar Rawal, Cabinet Minister, Maharashtra State for 'Instruction and Irrigation', the information city gives multi-disciplinary training offices notwithstanding propelled Gym, well constructed Laboratories, Libraries of different books, mechanized Language and PC Laboratories, Indoor-Outdoor Stadiums, Comfortable Classrooms, Audio-visual guides, wide play area, present day theater and different civilities for understudies for all round improvement. The Knowledge city means to bring most extreme understudies of the territory in the stream of higher and specialized training so as to make them competent for the satisfaction of individual, social and national needs.