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  • Wi Fi Campus

    With the increasing demand for internet access in educational campuses due to evolving standard of education and flexibility offered by the Internet - universities, colleges, educational institutes etc., are keenly stepping forward to setup secured and stable wired or Wi-Fi network campus for their students. As per the current market trend, most of the students like to carry 3-4 devices with them like mobile, tablets, laptops, ipods etc. with them to campus. As these devices devour bandwidth, colleges and universities are struggling hard to keep up with the bandwidth demand.

  • Cultural Programs

    The Cultural Events program at Rio Hondo College presents a diverse selection of the very best in arts and entertainment free of charge for our community. Presenting over 30 events each year, Rio Hondo’s Cultural Events program showcases the visual and performing arts work of students and faculty, as well as regional, national and international artists.

  • Sports in College

    Univariety brings to you a list of top sports colleges in India for students who wish to pursue a career in this field. India has many accredited colleges that offer higher studies in Physical Education. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctorate courses. Following are some of the top colleges in the country.

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